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Sportsmanship Do’s and Don’ts 
for Players and Parents


Do’s and Don’ts for Players

  • Do give 100% effort in every match.
  • Do know the rules before going on the court.
  • Do make accurate and honest line calls.
  • Do acknowledge an opponent’s good shots
  • Do be respectful of your opponent at all times.
  • Do be respectful of the officials at all times.
  • Do know that only the player may request an official or monitor if the need arises.
  • Do be a good sport – win or lose!
  • Do keep a positive outlook on the game – you are playing for fun!
  • Do remember to keep the game of tennis in perspective at all times.
  • Don’t talk during a point or purposely try to distract your opponent.
  • Don’t be a distraction to the court next to you.
  • Don’t physically abuse your equipment or verbally abuse your opponent or tournament officials.  You are responsible for your own actions.
  • Don’t take the game of tennis so seriously that you lose sight of your ability to have fun.
  • Don’t dwell on a loss – it is by losing that you learn to win.

Do’s and Don’ts for Parents

  • Do be supportive, interested and encouraging.
  • Do know the basic rules of tennis.
  • Do know that parents/coaches may not be involved in the match.
  • Do know that parents/coaches are not permitted to speak to the players during the match.
  • Do know parents/coaches may not request an official or monitor. Only players may request an official or monitor.
  • Do be there when your child loses.
  • Do be tough on cheating, temper, vulgarity, and lack of sportsmanship.
  • Do make sure that your child’s self-esteem is not on the line.
  • Do acknowledge good shots by all players.
  • Do respect your child’s opponent at all times.
  • Do respect the officials at all times.
  • Do remember to keep the game of tennis in perspective at all times.
  • Don’t get overly excited when your child wins or loses.
  • Don’t show negative emotion, fear or nervousness from the sidelines.
  • Don’t distract players from the sidelines by speaking loudly.
  • Don’t say, “We’re playing today” or “We won.”
  • Don’t get over-involved.
  • Don’t hang on the fence – keep your distance from the match.
  • Don’t interfere in your child’s matches.
  • Don’t criticize opponents.
  • Don’t applaud errors.


When you are on the tennis court, it is not only important to know the rules of the game but to display respect and good sportsmanship as well. Sportsmanship includes respecting your opponents, playing fair, and doing your part so that everyone is having fun! So, let’s have fun!

Play Hard, Play Fair!



USTA Georgia Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement


USTA Georgia’s mission to promote and develop the growth of tennis, is only enhanced by leveraging diversity and creating an inclusive environment. We are committed to ensuring that people of all backgrounds have access to and feel authentically welcome in the game and business of tennis. 

It is with this spirit of equity and inclusion that we invite all people who play, watch, support and/or enjoy tennis to partake in our many programs, events and membership offerings through participation, volunteerism or leadership.