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Chloe Beck


Birthplace Athens, Georgia
Family Parents: Mike and Debbie Beck Brother: Nick Beck
Favorite TV Show Modern Family
Diehard Fan Of What Sports Team I'm not really a diehard fan of any team
Favorite City To Travel My favorite city to travel to is Kiawah, South Carolina.
Best Part Of Your Game My favorite shot is my volley
Dream Doubles Match Would be Me And .... Roger Federer against Serena and Venus
When I'm Not Playing Tennis, I'm .... Probably doing school work at the tennis club, playing ping pong, or just hanging out with friends
Favorite Tennis Memory When I was little My family and I used to go to the Ramsey sports center at UGA, and we would play tennis in the racket ball courts when it was raining outside









Tennis Rules

Last week's answer was 31. Is a player allowed to bring written notes to court with them?

Yes, this is allowed
No, this is not permitted