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Carson Tanguilig


Birthplace Atlanta, Georgia
Family 1 brother(Tyler), 1 sister(Sydney), and my parents.  Also my two dogs, Luckie and Lucy
Favorite TV Show The Office
Diehard Fan Of What Sports Team UNC Mens Basketball :)
Favorite City To Travel So far San Diego, CA
Best Part Of Your Game The forehand
Dream Doubles Match Would be Me And .... Federer against Nadal and Djokovic
When I'm Not Playing Tennis, I'm .... Watching Netflix or hanging out with friends.
Favorite Tennis Memory Meeting and hitting with Ryan Harrison.









Tennis Rules

Last week's answer was first serve, the whole point must be replayed. If a ball is discovered as soft at the end of a point, should the point be replayed?

Yes, the point is replayed
No, the ball is taken out of play and the point played stands