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 Player Development


        TEAM GEORGIA CAMPSTeam_Georgia_High_Performance_Camp_14___Under

          High Performance 

The 2019 Team Georgia High Performance Camp 14 & Under was held at Peachtree Tennis Center on Nov. 17.

Coaches: Jonathan Fralick, Jim Harp. Mitchell Corley, and Alex Shusis were on hand to leads their teams in the camp competition. Campers were divided into Teams of 4 and then competed in both doubles and singles in a college style format. Each team was led by one of our high performance coaches. This camp is an opportunity for the top Georgia players to compete with other top Georgia players in a fun stress free environment with exposure to some of our top Georgia coaches.

B14 Campers: Chase Fralick, William Luke, Blake Hilsen, Aidan Atwood, Stephen Zhu, Heys Parker, Palmer Byrnes, Alejandro Giovanni Henry-Jackson.
G14 Campers: Brooke Schafer, Conley Raidt, Ella Suk, Hayden Mulberry, Reagan Mulberry, Ashley Bentz, Caitlyn Pinsker, Alexandra Alterman.

Team_Georgia_High_Performance_Camp_12___Under The Team Georgia High Performance Camp 12 & Under Camp was held at James Creek Tennis Center on Nov. 17, 2019. For many of these players, it was their first high performance camp. This camp was an opportunity for the top Georgia players to compete with other top Georgia players in a fun stress free environment with exposure to some of our top Georgia coaches. Campers were waterfalled into teams of 4 (2 boys, 2 girls) and then competed in team competition. Each team was led by one of our experienced coaches.

Coaches: Cem Gurkaynak, Brenton James, Marley Woods and Artemiy Nikitin were on hand to lead their teams in the camp competition. 

B12 Campers: Marco Skrinjar, Srikar Polisetty, Yannik Alvarez, Nishith Rajesh, William Bayer, Nicolas Wild, Jake Mong, Rajat Shirur

G12 Campers: Visnja Gusavac, Ariana Gilbert, Samantha Slaton, Sasha Dimitrov, Caileigh Pinsker, Elle Williams, Addy Rogin, Ava Rodriguez.






The camp was held at Life Time Athletic and Fitness in Peachtree Corners, Georgia. Thanks go to Andy Cha for his hospitality at Life Time, to the coaches (Cem Gurkaynak. Brenton James, Marley Woods, Iztok Bombac, Liam Villante, Artemiy Nikitin, Erica Zabkar) and to our Athletic Trainer, Tony Chan. Our top 10&Under point earners from our Green and Orange Ball Junior Circuits were invited to participate in the half day camp this past Saturday, July 24th. An informational meeting was held for the parents at the beginning of the event with Brenton James and Tony Tran. Claire Bartlett also dropped by to chat with the parents. The campers and coaches followed a curriculum program called Taking Control of the Court. At the end of that lesson, the campers were divided into teams and played a Team Tournament. It was a great day for all involved.  

Campers were Rajan Vakharia, Jungmin Lee, Ava Wright, Preston Layfield, Samanyu Chaudhary, Mary Hossler, Zoey Lin, Elizabeth Johnson, Sanika Laghate, Ava and Molly Edelson, Brannen Scarborough II, Aashini Ayyappan, Julia Marcotte, Jazlyn Bohnstedt, Yunho Kim, Jailen Reddish, Lucas Vasilescue, Meet Soni



                 Training (EDC) Camps - 2019


On Dec. 8, we had an Early Development Green Ball - Team Georgia In Training Camp at James Creek Tennis Center. We began the 4 hour camp following the curriculum "Defending the Court" and finished with a small team tournament. Parents were invited to an informational meeting. All of our Campers had a great time!

Coaches were Cem Gurkaynak (USTA GA State Coach), Brenton James (USTA Faculty Coach), Marley Woods and Nicole Byrne.

Campers were Hannah Ayrault, Bella Arwood, Rowan Arwood, Nicole Blanco, Abteen Danaie, Jason Eigbedion, Aaron Frederick, Naomi Golan-Williams, Elena Gusavac, Stephanie Liu, Maci Robinson, Eve Scott, Jonathan Scott, Alexa Slaton, Christina Slaton, Zachary Szymanski, and Bayan Watson







The Top 8 Peach State BB&T 10 & Under Camp was held at Bitsy Grant Tennis Center on July 20, 2019. This is one of our Team Georgia In Training Camps. Campers were selected based on their results at the Peach State Championships in the Orange and Green Ball 10 & Under divisions. The Camp ran from 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.. Campers followed a USTA National Curriculum of developmental drills for the first 90 minutes. Then they were placed in teams and competed in a team tournament format. Afterwards, they headed to the BB&T for lunch, games and some great tennis viewing.

B10 Campers - Avid Khan, William Laskey, Nathan Washington , Jason Eigbedion , Vincent Weaver, Shreyan Bajaj, Trivikram Arasavelli, Zachary Szymanski , Johan Lee, Mihir Tekur, Abteen Danaie, Jonathan Scott

G10 Campers -  Alexa Slaton, Sophia Gendlin, Sena Yoon, Lindsey Phillips, Hadleigh Mcintyre, Eve Scott, Naomi Golan-Williams, Stephanie Liu, Maci Robinson, Christina Slaton  

Coaches: Brenton James (USTA Faculty Coach), Cem Gurkaynak (USTA GA State Coach), Marley Woods, Yevgeny Silitski, Warren Robinson, and Kevin Ye