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USTA Junior Team Tennis Champion and Finalist Teams


10_Beg_Silver_-_WILSON_Champion_2 10_Beg_Silver_-_NIKSICH_Finalist
10U Beginner Silver Champion 10U Beginner Silver Finalist
Wilson (ATL - Atlanta) Niksich (ATL - Atlanta)
10_Int_Gold_-_SHELTON_Champion_2 10_Int_Gold_-_GREER_Finalist
10U Intermediate Gold Champion 10U Intermediate Gold Finalist
Shelton (ATL - Atlanta) Greer (CORTA - Columbus)
12_Beg_Silver_-_PARK_Champion 12U_Beg_Silver_-_NAPA_finalist
12U Beginner Silver Champion 12U Beginner Silver Finalist
Park (ATL - Atlanta) Napa (ATL - Atlanta)
12_Int_Silver_-_CLAUSEN_Champion_2 finalist_12U_Int_Silver_CSRA_-_Javaheri
12U Intermediate Silver Champion 12U Intermediate Silver Finalist
Clausen (COTA - Athens) Khan (ATL - Atlanta)
12_Int_Gold_-_GARCIA_Champion 12_Int_Gold_-_CUNNINGHAM_Finalist
12U Intermediate Gold Champion 12U Intermediate Gold Finalist
Garcia (ATL - Atlanta) Cunningham (ATL - Atlanta)
14_Beg_Silver_-_KING_Champion_2 14U_Beg_Silver_-_OSTERINK_Finalist_R
14U Beginner Silver Champion 14U Beginner Silver Finalist
King (CCTA - Cherokee Co.) Osterink (ATL - Atlanta)
14_Int_Silver_-_SUN_Champion_2 14_Int_Silver_-_MOSTELLER_Finalist
14U Intermediate Silver Champion 14U Intermediate Silver Finalist
Sun (SATA - Savannah) Mosteller (NOGTA - Dalton)
14_Int_Gold_-_WINTERS_Champion_2 14_Int_Gold_-_MORRISON_Finalist
14U Intermediate Gold Champion 14U Intermediate Gold Finalist
Winters (ATL - Atlanta) Morrison (ATL - Atlanta)
14U_Adv_Gold_-_PIEKIEWICZ_Champion_ 14U_Adv_Gold_-_EDWARDS_Finalist_R
14U Advanced Gold Champion 14U Advanced Gold Finalist
Piekiewicz (ATL - Atlanta) Edwards (ATL - Atlanta)
18U_Int_Gold_-_STUBBS_Champion 18U_Int_Gold_-_Cruickshank_Finalist
18U Intermediate Gold Champion 18U Intermediate Gold Finalis
Stubbs (ATL - Atlanta) Cruickshank (ATL - Atlanta)



18U Advanced Silver Champion 18U Advanced Silver Finalist
Godi (Atl - Atlanta) Zhu (SATA - Savannah)
18_Adv_Gold_-_MAGEE_Champion 18_Adv_Gold_-_COOK_Finalist_3
18U Advanced Gold Champion 18U Advanced Gold Finalist
Magee (ATL - Atlanta) Cook (ATL - Atlanta)




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Tennis Rules

Last week's answer was the receiver must play to the reasonable pace of the server. How long does play need to be suspended before players are entitled to another warm-up?

10 minutes
10 minutes
15 minutes
15 minutes
30 minutes
30 minutes

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