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We Support A. David Filer

By James Weber, special to USTA Georgia

A. David Filer is not just a fantastic tennis player; he’s a great person and my friend.  On February 15th, I was shocked to learn from my dad that A's pathology report came back and said he had a malignant brain cancer.  After talking to A while he was in the hospital I felt helpless but I wanted to do something to show support for him.  Our tennis community in juniors is small.  This could have been any one of us.  So I started thinking and came up with the idea and designed a T-shirt that says “I’m on the A Team!” to take to the Mobile tourney.  I called Mr. and Ms. Novak and then Mr. Clayton from YourGameFace and asked if we could do something.  My dad got some financial help and bought T-shirts to take to Mobile.  We did not know what was going to happen but I knew we could honor the sport and my friend.

Once in Mobile I spoke with Mr. and Ms. Novak, Mr. Clayton and the great referee Mr. Laub and we had a plan to get everyone together and take a big picture early in the morning.  My idea was based on what I had seen so many times at the Little Mo tournaments and how they got together for a giant group photo!  Mr Novak did a great job of getting everyone assembled and the picture was a success as everyone came out early and screamed support for A.  I just wanted my friend to know that so many people are behind him and support him as he is going to be fighting cancer at the age of 15.

It is not right and it is not fair but like in a tennis match I know A will fight his hardest and beat it!  And we will all be cheering 100% for him all the way!

 To join James and his fellow competitors in their support for A, please consider a donation to the A. David Filer GoFundMe page.





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