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USTA Georgia
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Ingrid Abram

Hattiesburg, MS
Most memorable officiating moment:
The Peach State (2019)
Diehard Fan Of What Sports Team?
New Orleans Saints
Favorite City To Travel:
New York
My Dream Doubles Match Would Be Me And:
Venus vs Serena and Alyssa (my daughter)
When I'm Not Playing Tennis, I'm:
Volunteering in the community, mentoring youth and cheering on my daughter in her matches.
#1 reason why I enjoy officiating:
I love to be around kids who are passionate, love the sport and enjoy being on the court.




Tennis Rules

Last week's answer was any of the 4 players. After serving a first serve, the server's racquet falls out of their hand and touches the net after the ball has bounced outside the correct service box. What’s the call?

A let is called
Service fault
The server loses the point