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USTA Georgia
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Marietta, GA 30060
Tax ID 58-1309245





Ingrid Abram

Hattiesburg, MS
Most memorable officiating moment:
The Peach State (2019)
Diehard Fan Of What Sports Team?
New Orleans Saints
Favorite City To Travel:
New York
My Dream Doubles Match Would Be Me And:
Venus vs Serena and Alyssa (my daughter)
When I'm Not Playing Tennis, I'm:
Volunteering in the community, mentoring youth and cheering on my daughter in her matches.
#1 reason why I enjoy officiating:
I love to be around kids who are passionate, love the sport and enjoy being on the court.




Tennis Rules

Last week's answer was True, all court measurements are made to the outside edge of the line. If a ball breaks during a point, what happens?

Point is awarded to last player who hit the ball
Point is played to conclusion and a new ball put in play
Point is replayed and ball is replaced with like wear ball