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Cindy Brown

Akron, Ohio
Most memorable officiating moment:
It was chairing a semi-final match at the Girl's 12s National. The match was very contentious and both players were overruled for game changing points. After the match, both girls and parents thanked me for a well officiated match . Apparently, the girls had played each other before and that match got out of hand quickly.
Diehard Fan Of What Sports Team?
Georgia Bulldogs
Favorite City To Travel:
Venice Italy
My Dream Doubles Match Would Be Me And:
Madison Keys
When I'm Not Playing Tennis, I'm:
Travelling the world.
#1 reason why I enjoy officiating:
This can be a very rewarding job. I enjoy watching great battles between opponents and helping if needed to keep the fair for both sides.





Tennis Rules

Last week's answer was a tennis court is 78 feet long. Which of the following events is considered a "Question of Law"?

A foot fault
Ball bouncing twice
Whether an act was a hindrance
Whether a ball is in or out