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Dear USTA Georgia Tournament Directors, Parents and Players,


We are excited to partner with Match Tennis App in 2020 for all of our junior tennis tournaments. 


Our goal is to educate USTA Georgia tournament participants with information that further engages interest in our sport of tennis, grows our player base, and helps retain consistent participation. Match Tennis App provides unique solutions that are in alignment with our mission to enhance the quality of experience for our tournament participants, while at the same time helps our TD’s save time running their events. 


There is no charge for USTA Georgia TDs to utilize Match Tennis App’s time-saving services.There is no charge and no credit card required for participants to use MTA before entries open and through the last day of each of an event as long as the promo code provided on the tournament' s home page is used.



Please check out the links below for more information:



Benefits for Players


Benefits for Tournament Directors


Getting Started - Tournament Directors


Match Tennis App - USTA Georgia Webinar


Tennis Rules

What is the procedure when at the end of a point, the ball that was played is determined to be "soft"?

The point is replayed
The point stands as played and a new ball is put in to replace the soft ball
The point stands as played and a "like wear" ball is put in to replace the soft ball