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What's the Call: Swing and a miss

March 9, 2016 11:34 AM

Have you ever had a dispute with a fellow player over a call on the court that you couldn’t settle? Or have you ever wondered why a certain ruling was made during a match you were watching? Maybe you’re just curious about how some scenarios, from the common to the ridiculous, are resolved.

The USTA Tennis Rules and Regulations Committee is here to answer your questions. Have a question of your own? Write to What's the Call!

Question: During my match, my opponent took a swing at her first serve and completely missed the ball. She claimed it didn’t count, and she was still on her first serve. I told her that it should be her second serve. Who is right? (Submitted by Bonnie L.)

Answer: You are correct. The serve is a fault according to Rule 19.b, which states a serve is a fault if the server misses the ball when trying to hit it. 


For the "Friend at Court" handbook and more information on the rules of tennis, visit the Officiating homepage.