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I am part of a CTA and I want to start a
Tennis Apprentice program in my area.


USTA Georgia continues to promote and support Tennis Apprentice programs within the state. The purpose of starting an entry level program is to find new tennis players in your area. After the program is completed, you can now get them signed up into your local leagues! This will begin to increase your memberships, participation, as well as bring in new competition! We are looking forward to watching our CTA's grow tennis within their communities.

What do I need?
You will need to locate a tennis facility to host the program, as well as a pro to teach the clinics. Typically, the sessions are about 6 weeks long. Clinics are one night a week from 1 hour to 1 hour and ½.  Since you are trying to locate NEW players, you can advertise anywhere and everywhere! Grocery stores, local gyms, malls, etc.
The Tennis Apprentice program caps the player registration fee at $60. Your cost will depend on the tennis pro and court fees at the facility. If the pro charges $80 per lesson, you will need at least 8 players to cover the cost – considering no court fees. If there are 10 players, you will have $120 more to cover other costs, like court fees, promotional items or marketing materials.
How can USTA Georgia help?
We will provide one racquet per player registered. Please submit this form to let us know when your next program starts and how many players signed up. Please allow at least 7 days for the racquets to be shipped to you.
Once the new players are ready to join your local league, we will pay for their first year of USTA membership.
101.Love (capped at $60 per player)
A tennis pro will teach the basics: groundstrokes, serves, volleys and scoring. The pro is free to use their own methodology or use this USTA Guide "Tennis 101 for Adults".
102.Play (separate registration, no cap)
This is a follow up program with drills and supervised play. CTA’s can create a “rookie league” on TennisLink and teach players the basics of being part of a team, exchanging lineups, playing singles and doubles.
103.Compete (transition into USTA League)
Once the players are ready to register for local league, we will pay for their first USTA membership. To qualify, they must have participated in the 101.Love program and not have a previous USTA account or membership. Please email Susan Pierce (pierce@ustageorgia.com) to request the membership. Players are responsible for their own local league registration
Finding a tennis pro

If your facility doesn’t have an available tennis pro, try your local varsity players. College tennis players make great teachers for beginner groups.

Not only the tennis pro will have a group of beginners for 6 weeks, they also have the potential to coach the same group going forward and have another steady source of income.


Ready to start?











For any questions or information on how to get Tennis Apprentice in your community, please contact:

Susan Pierce
USTA Georgia 
USTA Member Services Coordinator





USTA Georgia Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement


USTA Georgia’s mission to promote and develop the growth of tennis, is only enhanced by leveraging diversity and creating an inclusive environment. We are committed to ensuring that people of all backgrounds have access to and feel authentically welcome in the game and business of tennis. 

It is with this spirit of equity and inclusion that we invite all people who play, watch, support and/or enjoy tennis to partake in our many programs, events and membership offerings through participation, volunteerism or leadership.