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Junior Tennis Apprentice is designed strictly for beginner players. It teaches kids the basics of tennis and gets them playing the game fast! All they need is a pair of tennis shoes and a willingness to learn the game of tennis! 

USTA Georgia continues to promote and support Junior Tennis Apprentice programs within the state. We are looking forward to introducing new players to the game and providing support to our local programs in Georgia.  Only those associated with their local Community Tennis Association and have a Junior Team Tennis program in place may host a Junior Tennis Apprentice program.


 Why sign up for a local Junior Tennis Apprentice program?

- Great value, low cost introductory program

- Minimum 5 weeks of instruction from a certified tennis professional

- Free beginner tennis racket for each participant

- Free USTA membership for each participant

- Free USTA Junior Team Tennis local league season

- PLUS… a lifetime of fun, friends and fitness! See below for a program near you!


Why should a Community Tennis Association host a Junior Tennis Apprentice program?

- Our mission… to promote and develop the growth of tennis

- CTA will receive $10 per player to go towards the cost of the program

- CTA will be reimbursed for USTA membership

- CTA will be provided assistance with marketing collateral

- CTA may qualify for additional equipment and coaching manuals through USTA

- PLUS… passion for bringing a lifetime of fun, friends and fitness to our future stars!  See below for more information and how to apply to host a Junior Tennis Apprentice.












For any questions or to include Junior Tennis Apprentice in your community, please contact:

Mary Dillon

USTA Georgia 
Managing Director of Junior Team Tennis







Tennis Rules

Last week's answer was any of the 4 players. After serving a first serve, the server's racquet falls out of their hand and touches the net after the ball has bounced outside the correct service box. What’s the call?

A let is called
Service fault
The server loses the point