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Our Captains are the best at what they do.  They take care of everything from creating our teams in TennisLink to scheduling those rain out matches. Each month, USTA Georgia selects a "Captain of the Month" from your nominations.  Winners are given recognition on the USTA Georgia website as well as a gift from USTA Georgia.  

To be eligible for "Captain of the Month", your nominee must have served as captain during this calendar year and may only be "Captain of the Month" once a year.

Do you have a deserving captain that you would like to nominate? Say "thank you" to your captain by nominating them here:



Captain of the Month
Captain CTA League
Caroline Akers USTA Atlanta Adult
Lisa Alexander SCTA (Peachtree City) Adult
Cheryl Allen Columbus-CORTA JTT
Maureen Anderson USTA Atlanta Adult
Luanne Ardovino Columbus-CORTA JTT
Alpna Arora CORTA (Columbus) Adult
Jennifer Arpacilar Cherokee Co.-CCTA JTT
Trina Ball USTA Atlanta Adult
Kathy Barthel Mitchell County-SWGJTT JTT
Robin Bateman Macon-MTA JTT
Christy Bates Columbus-CORTA JTT
Peggy Berry USTA Atlanta Adult
Dana Black Mitchell County-SWGJTT JTT
Gwen Blount Conyers-EMTA JTT
Julie Boerger Macon Adult
Lisa Bourg Albany-ATA JTT
Liz Brooks Columbus-CORTA JTT
David Brown SCTA (Peachtree City) Adult
Jim Brown NEGTA (NE GA/Gainesville) Adult
Zambia Bryant Savannah-SATA JTT
Amy Byrnes Athens-COTA JTT
Deby Caldwell Columbus-CORTA JTT
Stuart Caldwell Atlanta-Juniors-USTA ATL JTT
David Campbell SCTA (Peachtree City) Adult
Heather Cannon Columbus-CORTA JTT
Gretchen Caola SCTA (Peachtree City) Adult
Grant Cashin Athens-COTA JTT
Wladimir Chacon SCTA (Peachtree City) Adult
Heather Chadwick Athens-COTA JTT
Alan Chan CVTA (Rome) Adult
Ben Charles USTA Atlanta Adult
Joe Childs Macon Adult
Lora Clausen Athens-COTA JTT
Lucynda Coker USTA Atlanta Adult
Donna Cook Atlanta-Juniors-USTA ATL JTT
Michelle Cornett CHATA (LaGrange) Adult
Teresa Cox Sequoyah Adult
Don Crozier Flint River (Bainbridge/Albany) Adult
Sue Cruickshank Cherokee Co.-CCTA JTT
Viki Curtis Flint River (Bainbridge/Albany) Adult
Trudie Daniell SCTA (Peachtree City) Adult
Mary Carolyn Davis NEGTA (NE GA/Gainesville) Adult
Stacy Dellis Rome-CVTA JTT
Brandy Dew Albany-ATA JTT
Matt Dewolf USTA Atlanta Adult
Ben Dills Savannah-SATA JTT
Carolyn Drake Augusta-CSRATA JTT
Mark Dubin Atlanta-Juniors-USTA ATL JTT
Donna Duffee Athens-COTA JTT
Carol Edwards Atlanta-Juniors-USTA ATL JTT
Christine Etheridge Middle GA/Perry-PTA JTT
Chuck Evans CVTA (Rome) Adult
Porsch Fallen USTA Atlanta Adult
Greg Farmer SCTA (Peachtree City) Adult
Laurie Farmer CTA (Cherokee) Adult
Tammy Feilmeier USTA Atlanta Adult
Jason Fleeman  Athens-COTA JTT
Gene Goedtke USTA Atlanta Adult
Jonathan Gray Macon Adult
Wilhelmina Green Augusta-CSRATA JTT
Staci Grieff Rome-CVTA JTT
Lee Ann Gunnell CTA (Cherokee) Adult
Cheri Hain  Augusta-CSRATA JTT
Aleisa Hallberg SCTA (Peachtree City) Adult
Michael Harden  Augusta-CSRATA JTT
LeAnn Harp CORTA (Columbus) Adult
Wayne Harper Sequoyah Adult
Barbara Hart CTA (Cherokee) Adult
Doug Hartline USTA Atlanta Adult
David Hartman CSRATA (Augusta) Adult
Laurie Haynie CSRATA (Augusta) Adult
Glenn Heard Flint River (Bainbridge/Albany) Adult
Laurie Heavey CTA (Cherokee) Adult
Denise Hofrichter SCTA (Peachtree City) Adult
Jennifer Hornsby Atlanta-Juniors-USTA ATL JTT
Wang Hu Atlanta-Juniors-USTA ATL JTT
Shelley Hulland  COTA (Clarke Oconee/Athens) Adult
Amanda Hunt Atlanta-Juniors-USTA ATL JTT
Dineisha Hunt Columbus-CORTA JTT
Jane Hunter Gainesville,-NEGTA JTT
Katie Javaheri Augusta-CSRATA JTT
Robert Jimenez Macon-MTA JTT
Charlie Johnson Macon Adult
Jim Kehoe SCTA (Peachtree City) Adult
Patsy Kilmartin Gainesville,-NEGTA JTT
David King Cherokee Co.-CCTA JTT
Jan Kirkland-Cochran SCTA (Peachtree City) Adult
Patrick Kirkpatrick USTA Atlanta Adult
April Kitchens USTA Atlanta Adult
Charlotte Knight  Athens-COTA JTT
Kim Knight USTA Atlanta Adult
Christine Knox USTA Atlanta Adult
Chris Kocks USTA Atlanta Adult
Stacy Koonce SCTA (Peachtree City) Adult
Jenny Lang Atlanta-Juniors-USTA ATL JTT
Connie Lawson Flint River (Bainbridge/Albany) Adult
Jennifer Leveson Albany-ATA JTT
Mark Levy CORTA (Columbus) Adult
Cristian Lopez Rome-CVTA JTT
Debbie Lunsford SCTA (Peachtree City) Adult
Connie Lynch Columbus-CORTA JTT
Michelle Lyons Augusta-CSRATA JTT
Stephanie Maddock Southern Crescent-SCTA JTT
Kerri Magee Atlanta-Juniors-USTA ATL JTT
Diane Martin NEGTA (NE GA/Gainesville) Adult
Sheila Martin USTA Atlanta Adult
Janet Mason SCTA (Peachtree City) Adult
Ana McWethy Cherokee Co.-CCTA JTT
Darryl Millard USTA Atlanta Adult
Kelly Mills Athens-COTA JTT
Tracey Montz USTA Atlanta Adult
Whit Moorman Mitchell County-SWGJTT JTT
Alejandra Mulkey Cherokee Co.-CCTA JTT
Cynthia Mundy Augusta-CSRATA JTT
Tony Mundy Augusta-CSRATA JTT
Sue Nguyen Atlanta-Juniors-USTA ATL JTT
Viet Nguyen Augusta-CSRATA JTT
Michele Nicholson COTA (Clarke Oconee/Athens) Adult
Tom Page Conyers-EMTA JTT
Samantha Papis Langley USTA Atlanta Adult
Brook Peppers COTA (Clarke Oconee/Athens) Adult
Bonnie Pergl Columbus-CORTA JTT
Brenda Poole Macon Adult
Ramona Poole USTA Atlanta Adult
Brian Proffitt Sequoyah Adult
Bharat Rajaram CORTA (Columbus) Adult
Matthew Redondo CORTA (Columbus) Adult
Sherri Reed Albany-ATA JTT
Pamela "Lee" Rogers  Athens-COTA JTT
Sharon Ross Gainesville,-NEGTA JTT
Wendy Ross Cherokee Co.-CCTA JTT
Kay B Sanders Macon Adult
Garrick Sanford Dalton-NOGTA JTT
Rachelle Savage USTA Atlanta Adult
Mary Schellhorn BGITA (Brunswick) Adult
Mikki Schlueter Atlanta-Juniors-USTA ATL JTT
Christy Schuch Gainesville,-NEGTA JTT
John Schuchart USTA Atlanta Adult
Chrissy Scott Atlanta-Juniors-USTA ATL JTT
Alicia Shelton Atlanta-Juniors-USTA ATL JTT
Patty Sherrod NEGTA (NE GA/Gainesville) Adult
Carol Shiver Flint River (Bainbridge/Albany) Adult
Jeff Shugart Sequoyah Adult
Brandi Singleton Albany-ATA JTT
Tonya Sinitsin  Atlanta-Juniors-USTA ATL JTT
Brandon Sisson USTA Atlanta Adult
Kristen Smith Southern Crescent-SCTA JTT
Todd Smith Macon-MTA JTT
Jay Squillace USTA Atlanta Adult
Chance Stokes CVTA (Rome) Adult
Tesha Stokes CVTA (Rome) Adult
Tracey Stribling CHATA (LaGrange) Adult
Rob Strickland CSRATA (Augusta) Adult
Jeanette Stuart SCTA (Peachtree City) Adult
Byron Sturgis SCTA (Peachtree City) Adult
Lynne Suarez Macon-MTA JTT
Gretchen Suk  Macon-MTA JTT
Tom Thebeau Athens-COTA JTT
Jesse Thomas Augusta-CSRATA JTT
Marsha Thompson CVTA (Rome) Adult
Hanane Toumi Columbus-CORTA JTT
Sandi Trebuchon  SCTA (Peachtree City) Adult
Stacey Tuchmann Cherokee Co.-CCTA JTT
Steve Tyndall Conyers-EMTA JTT
Kimberly Udy Columbus-CORTA JTT
Alan VanKirk SCTA (Peachtree City) Adult
Jamie Vecsey CTA (Cherokee) Adult
Karl Von Hillebrandt Atlanta-Juniors-USTA ATL JTT
Mitchi Wade Columbus-CORTA JTT
Linda Watkins USTA Atlanta Adult
Phillip Weeks USTA Atlanta Adult
Tammy Weeks SCTA (Peachtree City) Adult
Maranda Weldon SCTA (Peachtree City) Adult
Todd Wenzel  Cherokee Co.-CCTA JTT
Kim White CSRATA (Augusta) Adult
Tonya Wood Atlanta-Juniors-USTA ATL JTT
Tori Yearta SCTA (Peachtree City) Adult
Leona Zivitz USTA Atlanta Adult


To view the "Captain of the Month 2015" list...



Tennis Rules

Last week's answer was 15 minutes. Can a player who's opponent loses their racquet in the middle of a point claim a let for hindrance?