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Thursday, November 05, 2015 - Saturday, November 07, 2015

Community Tennis - USTA Tennis Development Workshop 2015

All Day Event

The Tennis Development Workshop provides an opportunity to educate, encourage and inspire more than 700 tennis coordinators and providers from around the country who are working to grow the game in their communities.


The Tennis Development Workshop (TDW) is an educational program hosted by the USTA. This program is held once a year and provides various workshop seminars providing information on tennis programming, grants, scholarships, administrative support, etc.  It is over a weekend with many speakers and many opportunities to network and find out the latest programming in tennis provided by the USTA and other organizations. 

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Tennis Rules

Last week's answer was Yes, point is replayed. In an unofficiated match, can the receiver (or their partner) call footfaults on their opponent?

Yes, they don't need to warn the server
Yes, however they need to warn the server first and also attempt to locate an official
No, this is not allowed under any circumstance