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Harriette Lynch 


Harriette Lynch’s commitment to growing the sport of tennis is easily seen through her many years of volunteer service in her local community as well the state of Georgia. She is a Past President of both USTA Georgia and Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association. Ms. Lynch’s advocacy for community tennis spans over two decades with volunteer service to USTA Atlanta in several roles, recently as a member of  USTA Atlanta Executive Committee and Chair of the Adult League Committee. Harriette currently serves as Secretary for USTA Atlanta Board of Directors and as a Human Resources and Strategic Planning committee member for USTA Georgia. USTA Georgia is honored to recognize Harriette Lynch as our Spotlight Volunteer of the Month.

Wilmington, North Carolina
Ronald, Kelli and Jodi
Favorite TV Show
Hallmark Channel Shows
Diehard Fan Of What Sports Team
Atlanta Braves
Favorite City To Travel
New York it is so exciting especially during the US Open
Best Part Of Your Game
Dream Doubles Match Would be Me And ....
Martina Navratilova (all I would have to do is serve and get off the court.  She would handle the rest!
When I'm Not Playing Tennis, I'm ....
Favorite Tennis Memory
As President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Georgia Tennis Association (GTA) I had  the opportunity to represent the Southern Tennis Association (STA) as a delegate to the USTA a position which added a national perspective to my resume. It not only helped me grown as  a volunteer, it gave me the tools to lead our organization in promoting the continued growth of tennis in my own community as well as across the State of Georgia.





Tennis Rules

Last week's answer was a racquet. A serve that strikes a singles stick and then lands in the proper court is a good serve.