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Dave Dvorak


The Director of Tennis at Dunwoody Country Club since 2006, Dave Dvorak is the face of one of Georgia’s premiere private tennis clubs.  Through his energy and leadership, DCC is recognized throughout Atlanta and Georgia for its innovative tennis programming and community outreach efforts.

One of Georgia’s most decorated tennis professionals, Dave has been named PTR Georgia Member of the Year, USPTA Georgia Pro of the Year, ALTA Volunteer of the Year and is an inductee to the GPTA Hall of Fame.  He currently serves as President of USTA Atlanta and is a Presidential Appointee on the USTA Georgia Advisory Council for the 2015-16 term.  

USTA Georgia salutes Dave for the multitude of ways he is a positive influence in our sport.

Birthplace Lansing, Michigan
Family My FANTASTIC Wife Gina, and two wonderful and energetic children Andrew (7) and Kate (4)
Favorite TV Show Pardon the Interuption
Diehard Fan Of What Sports Team The Detroit Tigers, Pistons, Redwings and yes even the Lions.  I also root very hard for Spartans of MSU.
Favorite City To Travel Charleston, SC
Best Part Of Your Game My ability to accurately assess my opponent's strengths and weaknesses.
Dream Doubles Match Would be Me And .... Arthur Ashe
When I'm Not Playing Tennis, I'm .... Playing with my kids
Favorite Tennis Memory Playing Doubles with Hank Aaron








Tennis Rules

Last week's answer was any of the 4 players. After serving a first serve, the server's racquet falls out of their hand and touches the net after the ball has bounced outside the correct service box. What’s the call?

A let is called
Service fault
The server loses the point