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Turhan Berne (Lifetime Fitness Peachtree Corners)

  • Hometown   Norcross
    Club/Facility you currently
    teach at?
      Lifetime Fitness Peachtree Corners (Tennis Professional)
    How did you get involved in teaching tennis?   I grew up in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands and my best
    friend's father was the tennis pro at Cowpet Bay Resort.
    We used to play tennis in the street of our neighborhood
    with pieces of wood.  My friend's Dad eventually invited
    me to the courts.  I would cut the grass at the club and
    he would give me a tennis lesson.
    Diehard fan of what sports team?   None.  I switch all the time.
    Best part of your game?   Slice backhand
    Dream doubles match would be me and....   Beyonce
    When I'm not teaching tennis I'm.....   Running tennis tournaments
    My favorite tennis memory is...  

    At the 2021 Truist Atlanta Open a lady was unable
    to get an autograph from one of the pros.  She was 
    a friend of mine and I was introduced to her.  While
    we were talking, a lot of people were stopping to talk
    to me because I know a lot of people from running
    so many tournaments.  She took my autograph as a 

    My favorite pro player is....  

    Carlos Alcaraz

    #1 reason why I enjoy teaching & coaching tennis   At this stage of my life, I am extremely passionate 
    about coaching tennis.  I enjoy taking a player at a 
    beginner level and creating a very competitive player.
    It's life changing.
    What important tennis message do you want to promote?  

    Play like you practice and practice like the play you 
    want to be, not the player your emotions prevent you
    from becoming.




USTA Georgia Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement


USTA Georgia’s mission to promote and develop the growth of tennis, is only enhanced by leveraging diversity and creating an inclusive environment. We are committed to ensuring that people of all backgrounds have access to and feel authentically welcome in the game and business of tennis. 

It is with this spirit of equity and inclusion that we invite all people who play, watch, support and/or enjoy tennis to partake in our many programs, events and membership offerings through participation, volunteerism or leadership.