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Carmen Garcia-Jersild (Atlanta Athletic Club)

  • Hometown   I grew up in Caracas, Venezuela but I have lived in 
    Alpharetta for almost 20 years
    Club/Facility you currently
    teach at?
      Atlanta Athletic Club (Associate Director of Tennis)
    How did you get involved in teaching tennis?   After September 11th, I was working in NYC and the 
    company I was working for couldn't renew my work
    permit.  I happened to come across Heather Killinsworth
    through a friend and that started my coaching career 
    in Atlanta about 20 years ago.
    Diehard fan of what sports team?   Leones del Caracas, the baseball team back home in 
    Venezuela.  But of course I support all the teams in 
    Atlanta.  GO BRAVES!
    Best part of your game?   My backhand and serve or serve return
    Dream doubles match would be me and....   Steffi Graf
    When I'm not teaching tennis I'm.....   Spending time with my family
    My favorite tennis memory is...   There are so many but my best memories I have are 
    of playing tennis at Jacksonville State University and 
    being part of this mix of kids all coming from different
    tennis experiences and cultural backgrounds.  
    My favorite pro player is....  

    I have more than one.  I grew up watching Graf, Seles, 
    Lendl, Sampras and Agassi playing and loved them all.  
    But the era we are in now with Serena dominating the
    game for this long and Roger, Rafa and Novak is pretty 
    incredible to witness.

    #1 reason why I enjoy teaching & coaching tennis   I love seeing people develop a passion for the game of 
    tennis.  To walk along the way with students in this path
    is amazing!
    What important tennis message do you want to promote?   Like many sports, tennis helps adults and kids stay 
    healthy.  I think that's an amazing message to promote.
    The other message tennis promotes is directed to
    coaches, our job as coaches goes beyond the tennis
    court, especially when teaching the next generation. 
    We are notonly responsible for their tennis skills but also
    for their life skills.  We can have a huge impact on how
    kids view adversity, how resilient they are and the
    importance of hard work.  We can also instill these traits
    in our adult tennis players.




USTA Georgia Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement


USTA Georgia’s mission to promote and develop the growth of tennis, is only enhanced by leveraging diversity and creating an inclusive environment. We are committed to ensuring that people of all backgrounds have access to and feel authentically welcome in the game and business of tennis. 
It is with this spirit of equity and inclusion that we invite all people who play, watch, support and/or enjoy tennis to partake in our many programs, events and membership offerings through participation, volunteerism or leadership.

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