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Ben Hestley (Druid Hills Golf Club)

  • Hometown   Pell City, Alabama
    Club/Facility you currently
    teach at?
      Druid Hills Golf Club (Director of Tennis)
    How did you get involved in teaching tennis?   Only way my parents allowed me to stay in school in
    the summer was if I was working.  So I got a job at a
    small tennis club teaching summer camp and doing 
    court maintenance.  It grew from there.
    Diehard fan of what sports team?   Atlanta Braves & all sports of the Auburn Tigers!
    Best part of your game?   Serve
    Dream doubles match would be me and....   Roger Federer against the Bryan Brothers.  Why not
    play with the best against the best?
    When I'm not teaching tennis I'm.....   Grilling.  Every meat (and most veggies) deserve to be
    grilled.  I also enjoy fly fishing and spending time with 
    my family.
    My favorite tennis memory is...   My senior year at UNA.  I won the deciding line in a 3rd
    set tiebreaker against Delta State to send our team to 
    the NCAA Championships.  It was the last match left and
    all my teammates watched the 3rd set from the adjacent
    court, then swarmed me when we won!
    My favorite pro player is....   Pete Sampras.  He played with such explosiveness and 
    athleticism.  He was one of the first to really show that
    on a tennis court.
    #1 reason why I enjoy teaching & coaching tennis   Tennis creates a sense of community and I love being 
    at the center of that, helping players achieve their goals
    or guiding them to a great experience.  I enjoy seeing 
    the relationships built on the court segue into other 
    aspects of life.  People become life long friends due to
    a happenstance of being on the same tennis team.
    What important tennis message do you want to promote?   With kids, tennis is a sport that teaches them a broad 
    range of athletic skills.  For example, an overhead arm
    motion for serving that's similar to throwing, having to
    play the ball off both sides of the body, being able to 
    track the ball before and after it bounces.  Rather than
    seeing tennis as a sport to specialize to be great, we can
    position tennis is a vehicle to give kids opportunities to 
    be successful in any sport of their choice.




Tennis Trivia

Last week's answer was 1988 (first year Australian Open moved to Melbourne Park). Who did Novak Djokovic defeat to win his first Australian Open men's singles title in 2008?

Nikolay Davydenko
Roger Federer
Lleyton Hewitt
Rafael Nadal
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga