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CTA Tip of the Month


October 2018: 6 Tips to Retain Volunteers

September 2018: Why Nonprofit Branding Is Essential to Your Organization's Mission: And What to Do About It

August 2018: Board Orientation Resources

July 2018: Tips to Motivate Your Volunteers and Keep Them Coming Back

June 2018: Five Internal Controls for the Very Small Nonprofit

May 2018: 7 Tips For Creating An Effective Board Development Program

April 2018: Bylaws Checklist

March 2018: How to Deal With Difficult People.

February 2018: Want To Improve Board Performance?  Take These Five Steps.

January 2018: Start the New Year with an Engaged Board of Directors

December 2017: 16+ Ways to Say Thank You Better

November 2017: Year-End Legal Checklist

October 2017: Millennials & Nonprofit Boards:  10 Tips for Finding Each Other

September 2017: 10 Prioritization Tips For Event Planners

August 2017: Tips on Volunteer Leadership Succession for Nonprofits

July 2017: Anatomy of a Boad Orientation

June 2017: 25 Instagram Tips For the Modern Nonprofit

May 2017: Managing Board Conflict

April 2017: Volunteer Recruiting Tips & Tricks

March 2017: 25 Twitter Tips for the Modern Nonprofit

February 2017: Tips for Creating a Strong Board of Directors

January 2017: New Year's Resolutions for Board Members

December 2016: 7 End-of-Year Tips for Saying Thank You to your Donors

November 2016: Nonprofit Volunteers: Top Five Tips to Keep Them Coming

October 2016: 7 Tips For Running Effective Nonprofit Board Meetings

September 2016: 10 Nonprofit Facebook Page Tips to Maximize Results

August 2016:  10 Tips to Becoming a More Effective Board Member

July 2016:  Committee Volunteer Request Form (with Examples) 

June 2016:  Business Card Strategic Plan

May 2016: Red Flags at the Board Table

April 2016: 100+ Tips for the Incoming President

March 2016: Board Annual Self Evaluation

February 2016: Anatomy of Meeting Minutes















Tennis Rules

Last week's answer was up to 15 minutes. Which division is not entitled to a 10 minute rest period after the 2nd set in a best of 3 set match?

Boys & Girls 18's
Boys & Girls 12's
Men's Open
Women's 35