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CTA Resources


USTA Georgia has compiled various resources for Community Tennis Association's use.  Below you will find useful information on fundraising, grants and grant writing, volunteer & board development tools and facility support information.

CTA Health Check

USTA CTA Webinars

Community Tennis Events

Hosting A Charitable Event 

Running An Effective Town Hall Meeting  

Creating A Fun Social League 

How To Create A Fun Half-Day Family Event


Organizing a Fundraising Event                                                                                                  

Grant Writing for CTA's                                                                                                               

CTA Fundraising Best Practices                                                                                                   


Sample Grants                                                                                                                    

      USTA Georgia Administrative Grant                                                                                     


      USTA Georgia Program Grant:                                                                                        




      USTA Southern Program Grant:                                                                                     



                 Support Letter                                                                                                          


      USTA Southern Diversity Grant:                                                                                     

                 Application and Narrative                                                                                       


      Grassroots Fundraising Narrative                                                                                          



Volunteer Recognition Best Practices (2017 CTA Committee Challenge Results)     

USTA Georgia Volunteer Resource Manual                                                       

Sample Volunteer Manual                                                                                                           

Creative Ways to Recognize Volunteers                                                                                      

Defining Best Practices in the Life Cycle of the Volunteer                                                             

New Places to Look for Volunteers                                                                                              

Reaching out to Multicultural Volunteers                                                                                    

Sample Adult League Committee Charge                                                                                    

Sample Volunteer Position Description                                                                                       

Sample Volunteer Questionnaire                                                                                                 


Board Development                                                                                                          

Board Management: Tips & Templates  (Bob Harris Website) 

Keeping Board Members on Track                                                                                              

Board Responsibilities Handout                                                                                                  

Quick Reference CTA Online Resource Guide                                                                               



USTA Southern Facility Toolkit

If You Build It, We Will Help (Maiysha Warren)


CTDW Presentations

2018 CTDW Presentations

Marketing is Your Superpower (Kim Letts)

Serving it Up Disney Style (Jennifer Gregg)

Net Generation Overview (Anne Davis and Tracy Davies)

Spreading the L-O-V-E with Tennis Ambassadors (Kim Letts)

Working Together Towards a Common Goal: Board-LLC Relationships (Robin Stevens, Leslie Shields and David Bain)

Youth Progression Checkup (Darren Potkey & Eva Marie McCravy)

Create, Post, Like, Share, Snap, Recommend & Go!  (Kim Letts)

Who Cares if That's How It's Been Done?! (Jennifer Gregg)

Net Generation Competition - Environment, Engagement and Experience (Tracy Davies, Dan Holman and Adelaide Wood)

Attracting Adults Who Don't Play Tennis...Yet. (David Bain)

Communicating to the Ages (Jennfier Gregg)


Previous CTDW Presentations

CTA Board Development Strategies: Energize Your Board (Jennifer Gregg)

You Down With TOC? Yeah, You Know Me!  TOC Get Some Love (Dave Neuhart & Lindsey Davila)

Mission Possible:  The Quest For Stars & Trophies (Alanna Broderick & Rick Davison)

2016 Marketing Presentation (Izzy Hortman)

Extending Your Reach (David Ragsdale)





Tennis Rules

Last week's answer was the receiver must play to the reasonable pace of the server. How long does play need to be suspended before players are entitled to another warm-up?

10 minutes
10 minutes
15 minutes
15 minutes
30 minutes
30 minutes

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