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USTA Georgia would like to recognize our USTA League and Junior Team Tennis captains.  Team captains are a key component of USTA League and JTT program, devoting significant time to organizing and managing league teams. Being a team captain is a job that pays no salary, has few perks and requires a time investment that few appreciate.  Leagues could not exist were it not for team captains, as every team captain directly influences from 12-14 other teammates.









SCTA_Adult_LLC-Jennifer_Hazelton SCTA_JTT_Coordinator-Roxanne_Balboa



LOTA is a very small CTA that struggles to even get two teams at a level to play ANY league!  Without our captains volunteering to call, email, cajole, beg and borrow players it would never happen. They routinely have players on their teams that they haven’t even met, but they are still willing to take all players to make it work.  In addition, we often require extreme flexibility in match times and dates to accommodate the hectic schedules of our players. We may have matches played on different times and days each and every week and our captains make it happen!  They are required to be open and friendly, compromising, flexible, and they must keep the big picture in mind when running leagues.  Without our captains we would not be able to provide ANY USTA leagues!  Bless them! 

      LOTA-Roger_Fields_F LOTA-Julie_King_F      




EMTA's greatest asset is our JTT captains.  Mike has captained teams, coordinated matches, and led an 18U team to the State Championships last July.  He not only helps on the court, but is a tennis advocate in the community.  Tom has been a captain since 2014 and has also captained teams for EMTA Championship seasons. He always has room on his team for new players looking for a team.  His philosophy is to keep the kids playing as much as possible and to keep it fun.  Thanks to Mike and Tom for their service!!

      EMTA_JTT-Mike_McCrorey_F EMTA_JTT-Tom_Page_F      


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