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USTA Georgia would like to recognize our USTA League and Junior Team Tennis captains.  Team captains are a key component of USTA League and JTT program, devoting significant time to organizing and managing league teams. Being a team captain is a job that pays no salary, has few perks and requires a time investment that few appreciate.  Leagues could not exist were it not for team captains, as every team captain directly influences from 12-14 other teammates.



In Columbus, Georgia and in CORTA, our captains are true leaders that work very hard to ensure all league-related activities run smoothly. They serve competently to exchange line-ups with timely player attendance on match day; to hassle with the reschedules created by inclement weather; and to serve as the team's psychiatrist after a hard loss.  What they do is absolutely critical and makes our jobs so much easier.  Certainly if we could double their salary, we would.





          CORTA_Capt_Bruce_Lee CORTA_Capt_Doug_Gibson CORTA_Capt_Teresa_Ellison          












SWGA JTT/Mitchell County Tennis Association appreciates all of our JTT captains.  It was so hard to choose just 3 because all of them are so important to the success of Junior Team Tennis.  These three captains have been JTT captains several times and they are always willing to work with the kids and parents to form teams.  They are so patient with the entire process of building the team, going through registration, working through reschedules and graciously giving of their time.  Junior Team Tennis captains are the "BOMB"!  The captains are the heart of the JTT leagues and with out them, we would not be able to run these programs.











As is the case with most small communities, the role of Captain in the north Georgia mountains is an extremely difficult one.  Our audience is very limited and our tennis population is much older than a metropolitan area like Atlanta. Many of our current players have moved to the area for retirement so finding local tennis players is often time consuming.  We are so small that we cannot play traditional adult tennis leagues so we form mixed and combo leagues.  Part of our problems also center around the fact that we play the same people time and again.  So being a captain in MTA requires a very special type of person.  Our captains spend countless hours encouraging their players to commit to teams and continually enjoy the lifelong game of tennis.  The role of captain in MTA requires patience, dedications and hard work.  All of our captains, thankfully, have those traits.









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