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Danny Carlson


Birthplace Frankfurt, Germany (Grew up in Rome, GA)
Family Wife of 42 years Kathy, Chad -Executive VP for Burroughs and Chapin and Todd VP for SunTrust in M&A and both played tennis for UGA's two National Championship teams.
Favorite TV Show 24
Diehard Fan Of What Sports Team Georgia Bulldogs
Favorite City To Travel Myrtle Beach (son's home)
Best Part Of Your Game Volley
Dream Doubles Match Would be Me And .... McEnroe
When I'm Not Playing Tennis, I'm .... Teaching Tennis, spending time with kids and grandkids and traveling.
Favorite Tennis Memory Winning a gold ball with my son Chad at the National Grass Court in NY and winning the Saks Mixed Doubles held in the parking lot of Phipps Plaza.




Tennis Rules

Last week's answer was any of the 4 players. After serving a first serve, the server's racquet falls out of their hand and touches the net after the ball has bounced outside the correct service box. What’s the call?

A let is called
Service fault
The server loses the point