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The USTA Georgia Nominating Committee is tasked with proposing a new slate of Board of Directors, District Representatives and Nominating Committee for the following term.  

The 2015-16 Nominating Committee have proposed the slate for the 2017-18 term.  To access the proposed slate, please click here:

The 2015-16 Nominating Committee is:


Joe Goodroe (Clarke-Oconee TA, Athens)  (Chair)
James Gordon (Coan TA, Lithonia)
Manny Guillen (Sandy Springs TA, Atlanta)
Helen Martin (Columbus Regional TA, Columbus)
Bonnie Smith (Macon TA, Macon)


Should you have questiions about the process, please contact Joe Goodroe (Nominating Committee Chair).




Tennis Rules Question

If a player declines to warm-up with their opponent, are they still allowed to warm-up?

Yes, they can choose anyone
No, but their opponent can warm-up with anyone of their choice