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USTA Georgia 2017-2018 Committees




USTA Georgia committee volunteers serve a 2 year term.  All committee members serve at the pleasure of the current USTA Georgia President, who makes all committee appointments.

The committee structure is not necessarily identical each term, as that is left to the discretion of the USTA Georgia President. 

Our volunteers are the core of our organization. The current term committee members are listed below, along with the respective Board & Staff liaisons.  Each committee charge can be accessed by clicking on the committee name.


Budget & Finance Constitution & Bylaws Human Resources
Mark Botsch (Chair) Alex Khoury (Chair) Ashley Massengale (Chair)
Beth Bosworth Don Comer Harriette Lynch
Ashley Massengale Don Gordon Walter Schumacher
Dom Masciantonio Janie Herron Randy Stephens
Eric Schmook Mark Botsch (Board) Mark Botsch (Board)
Darren Potkey (Staff) Darren Potkey (Staff) Darren Potkey (Staff)
Investment Nominating Strategic Planning
Stephen Enochs (Chair) Mary Hatfield (Chair) Elaine Hamilton (Chair)
Beth Bosworth Bernard Francis Dave Dvorak
Chris Bussert James Gordon Manny Guillen
Dom Masciantonio Randy Stephens Mark Kovacs
John O'Shaughnessey Robin Stevens Harriette Lynch
Joe Redgate Dave Neuhart (Board) Leslie Shields (Board)
Dart Meadows (Board) Darren Potkey (Staff) Darren Potkey (Staff)
Darren Potkey (Staff)    
Adult Competition Grievance Junior Competition
Chris Bussert (Chair) Chequetta Allen (Chair) Todd Kennedy (Chair)
Turhan Berne Lucy Anderson Jonathan Fralick (Vice Chair)
Peter Howell Donna Bailey Debbie Beck
Lee King Don Comer Derrick Davison
David Murrillo Danielle Davison David Drew
Hank Ream James Gordon Pam Giddings
Lisa Teer Barbara Leisey Jewel Peterson
Dart Meadows (Board) Kim Raley Robert Sasseville
Rick Davison (Staff) Ashley Massengale (Board) Marianna Taylor
  Rick Davison (Staff) Marcy Hirshberg (Board)
    Rick Davison (Staff)
Junior Selection Officials Sanction & Schedule
John O'Shaughnessey (Chair) Holly Stroud (Chair) Mike Beck (Chair)
Wendy Bauers Donna Bailey (Vice Chair) Barbara Berman
Brenton James Jimmy Helton Jonathan Fralick
Jewel Peterson Karen Mabry Beth Hiser
Warren Robinson Nita Perry Sam Kennedy
Marcy Hirshberg (Board) Walt Williams Steve Lottinger
Rick Davison (Staff) Cheryl Helton (ex-officio) Karen Mabry
  Ashley Massengale (Board) Ashley Massengale (Board)
  Darren Potkey (Staff) Carolina Kaminski (Staff)
  Ann Hortman (Chair)  
  Robert Popelka (Vice Chair)  
  Sharon Greiner  
  Donald Shapiro  
  Jennifer Speer  
  Eric Schmook (Board)  
  Carolina Kaminski (Staff)  
  Community Tennis  
CTA Development Tennis on Campus Tennis Professionals
Sharon Greiner (Chair) Peter Howell (Chair) Beth Clay (Chair)
Elaine Eternod Alex Kosicki Dave Dvorak
Manny Guillen Michael McElveen Matt Grayson
Elaine Hamilton Susan Sullivan Tricia Hanson
Mark O'Neal Ricky Talman Ben Hestley
Judy Pearce Marcy Hirshberg (Board) Brenton James
Carol Shiver Lindsey Davila (Staff) Danny Klein
Andre Squires   Cristian Lopez
Leslie Shields (Board)   Marcus Rutsche
Michael Graham (Staff)   Dom Masciantonio (Board)
    Mark Suiter (Staff)
Adult League Site Selection Junior Team Tennis
Dick Hatfield (Chair) Linda Cannon (Chair) Ben Hestley (Chair)
Linda Cannon Wes Davila Deby Caldwell
Alexis Chandler Zoe Franklin Michael Harden
Wes Davila Mary Hatfield Cheryl Helton
Zoe Franklin Robert Washington Amanda Hunt
Mary Hatfield Leslie Shields (Board) Scott Laasko
Maegan Kulich Dave Bain (Staff) Shaquana Scott-Clavier
Nita Perry   Dart Meadows (Board)
Tabitha Spooner   Mary Dillon (Staff)
Robin Stevens    
Robert Washington    
Leslie Shields (Board)    
Dave Bain (Staff)    
Awards Marketing  
Shannon Rowe (Chair) TBD (Chair)  
Wendy Norfleet Ryan Boudreau  
April Powell Shirish Dhodapakar  
Mitchell Snyder Susan Sullivan  
Randy Stephens Edward Votta  
Eric Schmook (Board) Eric Schmook (Board)  
Kimberly Letts (Staff) Kimberly Letts (Staff)  



Poll of the Week

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