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Host a USPTA One-Day Adult Tournament, Receive $500 Donation to Local Charity

October 8, 2015 12:41 PM

USTA Southern is offering a $500 donation to a local charity that hosts a USPTA Southern Adult 1-Day Tournament Series event!

Here are the donation requirements:

  • Meet the tournament requirements, listed below.
  • Select a local organization that is fighing hunger for November tournaments.
  • Partner with Toy for Tots for December tournaments.
  • Have at least 30 participants.
  • Be one of the first eight approved tournaments in November or December. A maximum total of 16 tournaments will receive the donation. 
  • Tournaments must be registered after Oct. 12, 2015.

Here are the tournament requirements:

  • Tournaments will be one-day events and are not sanctioned.
  • Tournaments must be run by a USPTA professional.
  • TennisLink will still be used to register players and to track participation - events will count toward Adult Tournament PBIF for each state. No head taxes or sanction fees to the states.
  • Players will enter based on their NTRP rating - match results will not affect these ratings.
  • The format will be doubles and mixed doubles only - fixed partners and one event limit.
  • Matches will be one set and either a round robin or a compass draw.
  • A $20 entry fee ($23 with the $3 TennisLink fee) This fixed fee will stand and cannot be altered for any reason.
  • The entry fee is for USTA members and non-members.
  • No amenities required except some drinks and possibly some light snacks - no trophies, no t-shirts, no referees. You are, however, free to offer whatever amenities you want. Those expenses can come from your entry fees or from sponsors.
  • Player incentives for playing multiple tournaments - points for participation (100 pts.), winning matches (25 pts.) and a cap of the 3 best results, with the idea that each state and possibly the section have an event at the end of the year for those who've played several events.
  • The name of the tournaments is The USPTA Southern Adult Tournament Series and this name must be on each tournament listed in TennisLink  - example:  USPTA Southern Adult Tournament Series/River Club Summer.
  • USPTA Southern Division will provide a banner or banners if needed for each state to have at these events.
  • The USPTA Chapter president in each state will work closely with their USTA state office/ED and with the TSR with regard to scheduling these events, assuring quality control, etc.
  • Tie in with local charity is optional.

Please contact your state's TSR for more information:

Kevin Theos, 205-790-7256

Chris Stuart, 479-831-8346

Bill Dopp, 770-368-8200 x126; northeast Georgia, eastern metro Atlanta
Mark Suiter, 770-368-8200 x126; Atlanta, northwest and southern Georgia

Jason Miller, 502-558-8801

Bill Phillips, 337-849-5821

Geoff Norton, 706-955-6226

North Carolina
Cy King, 919-831-9161

South Carolina
Steve Zalinski, 843-441-2473
Karl Davies, 615-738-6750