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Hispanic Youth Talk About Tennis

September 15, 2017 06:31 PM

Two Hispanic juniors talk about their life in tennis, responding to our USTA Southern Facebook questionnaire.Hispanic Heritage Month runs from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15.






When did you start playing tennis?   I started playing tennis 2012 when I was
eight years old.

I started playing tennis at three years old.

Who's your favorite pro? My favorite pro is Rafael Nadal because his gamestyle is similar to mine. Dominic Thiem because I like his aggressive game. 
Most embarrassing tennis moment? My most embarrassing tennis moment was when I drank a lot of Gatorade during a change-over, and then I burped really loudly right when my opponent was walking by me. Not answered.
What's in your tennis bag?  I have 2 Yonex racquets, a whole roll of overgrips, a spare change of clothes and shoes, deodorant, jump rope, stretch rope, towel, hats and bandanas, suncreen and bugspray, 6 tennis balls for warmup, spare dampeners, and a necklace of Jesus
for good luck.

Rackets, Towels, Solinco string, stencil, fitness bands, grips, extra clothes, and a lucky Hot Wheels car my favorite- 918 Porsche Spider) 

What's your favorite food?  My favorite food is orange chicken at Panda Express. Steak!
Favorite TV show?  My favorite TV show is Family Guy. Friends
If I have a downtime I'm usually...  Playing on my phone, sleeping, or playing tennis. Stringing rackets, drawing, playing FIFA, or sleeping.
A thing you can't live without ...

I can't live without playing tennis because it keeps me on my feet and I love every second of it.

Instagram handle: david03sanchez Nuggets_858