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The 18 & over 3.0, 4.0, 4.0 Low & 5.0+ have taken center stage in Macon. Follow the action here: Read More
BB&T Atlanta Open is looking for volunteers for this year's event. Please click on the link for more information: Read More
Information on this year's Peach State Junior Closed: Read More
See the camps that we are featuring for this summer! Read More
Information about the new 10 & under Youth Tennis Progression program can be found here: Read More
USTA Georgia was recently named one of Constellation's "Community Champions". Read More

As a non-profit organization, USTA Georgia offers a variety of tennis programs for players of all ages and abilities in an effort to “promote and develop the growth of tennis” in every community in Georgia.  Our rich tennis history and warm climate combine to make Georgia the capital of the tennis world.




Tennis Rules Question

Last week's answer was yes, a player can start a point with a broken string. Shaking hands at the end of the match is an acknowledgment by the players that the match is over.