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Congratulations to the 2019 Southern Tennis Hall of Fame inductees, most notably our own Mary Hatfield. Read More
The 2019-20 USTA Georgia nominated slate of Board of Directors, Advisory Council & Nominating Committee has been announced: Read More
Congratulations to MACH Academy of Augusta for being named the USTA NJTL Chapter of the Year! Watch their presentation video here: Read More
Nominate a deserving candidate for a USTA Georgia award today. Application here: Read More
Your local Community Tennis Association contact information is just a click away. Read More
Fun, fitness & friends. Tennis is a sport of a lifetime. Get out and play in 2018. Read More

As a non-profit organization, USTA Georgia offers a variety of tennis programs for players of all ages and abilities in an effort to “promote and develop the growth of tennis” in every community in Georgia.  Our rich tennis history and warm climate combine to make Georgia the capital of the tennis world.




Tennis Rules

Last week's answer was a tennis court is 78 feet long. Which of the following events is considered a "Question of Law"?

A foot fault
Ball bouncing twice
Whether an act was a hindrance
Whether a ball is in or out